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Enhance Community Knowledge through PUTRA @ Komuniti Surada Program

Kajang, 6 May 2018 - University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC UPM) has organized a PUTRA @ Komuniti SURADA program under the KTGS 2018 project. This series of knowledge transfer with the Taman Desa Surada community today focus on herbs recognition and mosquito repellent.

There is information sharing from Mr. Yusof, Health Officer from the Hulu Langat District Health Department which becomes a collaborator for this programme. Following that the demonstration session on mosquito repellent delivered by Mrs Faridah Abdullah, UCTC officers assisted by Encik Khairul Azmi Za'ba and Mr Mohamad Hafiz. For herbal recognition topics (herbs that can help to repel mosquitoes through the scent of trees) were delivered by Mrs Mahani Amat, an officer from UCTC UPM and assisted by Ms. Junizawati Mohd Zin from the University Agriculture Park, UPM. The program then concludes by the Director of UCTC UPM, also head of the project, Prof. Dr. Mansor Abu Talib.

The community has learned how to make mosquito repellents using kitchen ingredients and herbal plants around the house. Thanks to Taman Desa Surada Residents Association, Tuan Haji Mohd Azam Hamzah and AJK. Hopefully it will benefit all.

Date of Input: 06/08/2018 | Updated: 06/08/2018 | zaidi_tajuddin


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