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Contains a collection of written publications UCTC for general interest, in line with technological developments. Through this facility, the public can read the ingredients UCTC issues at any time, anywhere through internet access, with a search facility, download, and print the reader if needed.


E-BULLETIN UCTC edition Jan-Jun 2019   E-BULLETIN UCTC edition Jul- Dis 2019
E-BULLETIN UCTC edition 01/2020   E-BULLETIN UCTC edition Jul- Dis 2020



Industry-Community Engagement: A University Framework 2nd Edition  

Community Project Management: Scope of Industry and Community Relations (JINM) UPM


Bukit Lintang: Shining with Community Transformation

Dragon Fruit  

Communication Skills for Extension Worker Module

  Cilik Biodiversity Module   

Wax Gourd 

  Transformation of Urban Agriculture      



PUTRA Tips 1.0: Kokedama - Plant in Moss Ball

   PUTRA Tips 2.0: Fenomenon of Viral Plant 
PUTRA Tips 3.0: Lowland Cabbage Cultivation   PUTRA Tips 4.0: Pest Repellent Using Home Remedies
PUTRA Tips 5.0: Basic Cat Maintenance   PUTRA Tips 6.0:  Basic Management in Palm oil Plantation (Weed Maintenance)
PUTRA Tips 7.0: Livestock Feed Production (Silage)   PUTRA Tips 7.0: Urban Farming - Not Just A Hobby




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