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Safeguarding The Forests Through Reduced Impact Logging (RIL)

With the passing of time and in the face of modernization and development, people often overlook the importance of the environment in which we live.

Memahami situasi semasa ‘bencana’ akibat ‘wabak’ selsema burung di Kelantan
Cost of Living expected to continue soaring in 2017
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Trading Entrepreneur Challenge (TRADEC'17) Now Started!
The University Community Transformation Center (UCTC) UPM has embarked on the Trading Entrepreneurship Challenge Program (TRADEC'17). TRADEC'17 is a fifth successive event since 2013. The program commenced with the implementation of the intensive workshop, starts from 10-14 July 2017 at the UPM Chancellor College and subsequently the participants will undergo the Community Business Turnaround Challenge in the selected community on 15-17 July 2017.
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How to use ICRIS (Industry Project)
How to use ICRIS (Community Project)
UCTC UPM-TUDM: Smart Compressor Washing Sprayer
UCTC UPM : Program Transformasi Penternak Ternakan Ruminan di Kuala Pajam, Beranang
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