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What is the Division of Extension and Entrepreneurship role?

As an intermediary in the process of knowledge transfer through informal education and technical skills needed by the community, industry and agencies on agriculture and entrepreneurship Facilitates the research innovations of agriculture and entrepreneurship to the relevant community, industry and agencies through knowledge transfers. To cooperate in the implementation of programs and activities that are relevant to the community, industry and agencies interested especially on agriculture and entrepreneurship

What kind of courses / training organized? Who is the target group of related courses / training offered? How to get the services and information related to the course / training? Does these Division also offers courses or by request to other organization? Can these Division do student attachment from other organization/ institution with Universiti Putra Malaysia for a period of time?

1) Offer training packages and courses; Conduct training courses inside and outside of the campus; Facilitate UPM entities on the knowledge transfer through conferences, seminars, courses, training and workshops. 2) Industries Communities UPM staff International communities and industries 3) Log in to our web site ( Log in to UCTC Lifelong Learning portal ( The UCTC annual prospectus Direct contact with our Division staff 4) Yes, the Division is willing to: Handling course requests from outside organizations, such as universities, private institutions, private companies, government bodies and other special mutual consent. Build smart partnerships between UCTC with organizations are interested in 5)Yes, we can conduct temporal external student attachments.

What the facilities that provided at UCTC UPM?

UCTC UPM has training room that can accommodate 60 people each, resource room with a capacity for 20 persons, a main meeting room that can accommodate 30 people each, as well as a prayer room for all staf and public. Call 0389471805/ 1809 for booking UCTC UPM facilities.

Where is UCTC UPM located? Can I visit the UCTC UPM  to have a look round?

Located strategically within the Multimedia Super Corridor, only 10 minutes drive to Putrajaya and 30 minutes drive to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Click here to guide your trip to UCTC UPM. UCTC UPM is publicly accessible and you are welcome to have a look round, however access to our buildings is restricted to University staff card holders only. You could contact us 0389471805/ 1806/ 1809 to gain a better insight and meet us here.

What is the services that provided by UCTC UPM?

To assist the developing process of extension practices system that can driven implementing the process of technology transfer from research institutions to the target group; Develop a programs and courses or training modules in package or current demand to enhance the professionalism of staff in public agencies / NGOs and entrepreneurs; Establish linkages and strategic alliances with research or innovation institutions and also the private sector for agro-entrepreneurs development and appropriate transfer of technology, through efficient and friendly extension system; Develop a social laboratory as a pilot for the establishment of excellent extension practices system; Develop a One Stop Referral Centre of agricultural extension, agro- entrepreneur, profesional advancement and lifelong learning.

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