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The transformation of urban agriculture is UPM initiatives to encourage the farming community in ​​the minimum area include skills and innovation to produce their own food, fresh, nutritious, and safe. By UPM definition - Urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating and animal husbandry by urban and suburban communities for leisure and recreation or for the need to supplement their income.

Based on Green Fingers' approach, any age can learn agricultural skills while making a foundation promoting unity in the community.

Communities can maximize the use of land and space with multiple cropping systems either vertically, horizontally, or integrated through a combination of aquaculture and plant ecosystems.

This effort not only improved the environment by using recycled materials as a key component in the implementation but also able to alleviate the financial burden of the population due to the impact of rising food prices and the impact of higher inflation.



It focuses on local communities include the following elements:

  • Urban agriculture either through the establishment of the kitchen garden, the community garden, or the community orchard.
  • Culture on the reuse of used materials and organic materials in the clean and safe food sources production
  • Saving through urban agriculture.
  • Cleanliness and cheerfulness through urban agriculture.
  • Health through urban agriculture



  1. Increase community knowledge and skills on agriculture, livestock, and fisheries through inexpensive, clean, safe, and easy to use methods;
  2. Increase awareness of food security and food safety through inexpensive, clean, safe, and easy to use methods and organic matter;
  3. Reduce household expenses;
  4. Introduce and encourage agriculture practices as a hobby within the community, in particular among the younger generation;
  5. Creating a love for nature and to reduce the carbon footprint within the community;
  6. Strengthen the role of the UPM students as ambassadors in the implementation of urban agriculture activities;
  7. Develop linkages between communities with relevant local authorities, agencies, and institutions of higher education.



To enhance involvement especially for urban communities in the implementation of the Transformation of Urban Agriculture as a method of saving the cost of living, to comfort his own life and produce healthy and safe a variety of food products, UPM plans several programs and activities that focus and impact, including:

  1. Creating plot urban agriculture in each department UPM
  2. UPM departments, colleges promote urban agriculture-based products
  3. Held competition of Urban Agriculture among UPM department, colleges
  4. Held a competition of Urban Agriculture for selected schools and community at the county or the national level.
  5. Implement an urban agriculture program in several selected municipal together with UPM
  6. Implement an urban agriculture program as a School adoption project in several schools in the urban area.
  7. Empowering knowledge transfer program on techniques and implementation of urban agriculture through technical training and attachment programs, courses, and tours


PUTRA UA Kit Initiative

Putra UA Kit Fertigasi 

Putra UA Kit Labisia

Putra UA Kit Phylanthus

Putra UA Kit Longifolia


This PUTRA UA kit was developed by UCTC UPM and it is characterized by low cost, lightweight, and easy to carry specifically for use in urban residents. Many selected schools and communities across the country have already received this kit as a first step in developing an urban agriculture plot to stir interest in their respective areas. PUTRA UA kit is now being acquired by IPR so that interested parties can buy this kit from UCTC. 



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