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Client Charter

We, UCTC UPM's staff are committed to excellence through the implementation of quality in professional services to meet the expectations of our customers by ensuring that:

  1. Processing applications for training programs / community / industry within 14 working days after receiving a complete application;
  2. Processing applications for PUTRA Outreach Bus within 7 working days after receiving a complete application;
  3. To inform the customer about the planning and implementation of training programs / community / industry of at least one (1) month before training / program community / industry begins;
  4. Provide the expertise to communities and industry;
  5. Ensure that at least 80 percent of participants in the training program are satisfied with the handling and delivery of training by internal and external experts;
  6. To make sure to at least 80 per cent of participants were satisfied with the training facilities, accommodation and meals;
  7. Training / short course certification will be issued shortly after the date of training / courses conducted;
  8. Feedback customer / client communication notified within 3 working days.

Updated:: 06/06/2017 [zaidi_tajuddin]


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