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Collecting Used Cooking Oil Campaign

Do you know that most of the used cooking oil is disposed wrongly into the sink?

Used cooking oil should be disposed through a solid waste disposal system like the Municipal Solid Waste where it is dumped at landfills.
However, used cooking oil has the potential to be reprocessed into biodiesel which can be used by machines which engines are run on diesel.

Serdang Biomass Town Project is planning to use biodiesel from used oil resources for buses and heavy machinery in UPM.

Currently, biodiesel technology adapted from Japan is being used in Biomass Technology Centre / Biorefinery @ UPM, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, UPM, as fuel for machinery used at the facility.

Expansion on the use of biodiesel for buses and other machinery in UPM will help to reduce waste disposal of used cooking oil.



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