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Community Transformation Programme

University Community Transformation Center (UCTC), UPM serve as the coordinator for university community program and aims to put the UPM as a premier facilitator for extension services and community engagement. Based on UPM's Strategic Plan 2011-2013 and 2014-2020, UCTC UPM have been responsible to lead UPM's 3rd Goal: Upscaling Industry and Community Engagement and 4th Goal: empower UPM as a center of excellence in agriculture.


UCTC UPM has always maintained a strategic and symbiotic relationships with the community and the larger society in its effort to be a leading University that contributes meaningfully towards sustainable development, development of the people, wealth of the nation, and involvement at the international level. It has identified seven communities in which core activities can be implemented.

7 clusters for community engagement programme:

  1. Local Community
  2. Agriculture Community
  3. Youth
  4. Senior Citizen
  5. Cancer Patient
  6. Aboriginal people
  7. Childhood Education

15 community engagement programme:

  1. Serdang Green Town
  2. International linkages
  3. Community wellbeing
  4. Human resources development
  5. Nature and culture appreciation
  6. Incubation programme
  7. Invention and innovation programme
  8. Cancer programme
  9. Halal development programme
  10. Indigenous people development programme
  11. Entrepreneur development programme
  12. Extension and community engagement
  13. Senior citizen programme
  14. Promotion on universities and expertise
  15. Foster school
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Pusat Transformasi Komuniti Universiti (UCTC)
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