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Professional Advancement Development

UCTC initiatives in strengthening its inception further reinforced by strategic relationship through a training and professional advancement, whether at the national or even the international arena. Directly, training and skills courses conducted by UCTC in support the soar of the 3rd, 4th and 8th in the PPPM (PT). Initiatives are also being developed to make the most of the training is conducted by online, thus supporting the surge 9th in the same development plan.

UCTC engagement with local organizations, especially those running extension will be soared coverage for UCTC services. Emphasis will also be given to the services of polytechnics and vocational schools teacher to strengthen their level of learning in TVET.


Collaboration between training organizers with local agencies continues to be strengthened through the development of intensive training modules to agency personnel like local agencies and private companies.


UPM engagement at the international level reinforced with high-impact programs, particularly in helping to transform the officer's credibility, also create and share ideas towards the development of the two countries. Services often get as follows:

  • Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Thailand are the strategic partners that often seek cooperation from UCTC.
  • In year 2016 has been agreed to be implemented 6 series of training programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Administration (OPA), Bangladesh. Strategic relationship that began in 2006 with the Bangladesh puts great faith in the expertise of UPM to help achieve developed nation status "middle income" Bangladesh by 2021 through the program Advanced Course on Administration & Development (ACAD). An estimated 200 participants will be present for the program in 2016.
  • The same program in 2013 and 2014, as many as 7 and 9 series consecutively program has been successfully implemented with the involvement of more than 500 participants Bangladesh superiors.
  • A selected series of abroad working visits will be initiated in 2016 for the treaty services offered by UCTC. The service is carried out either in UCTC UPM or held abroad.

Updated:: 13/07/2017 [zaidi_tajuddin]