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International Conference on Agriculture Extension (AGREX'17)

Resources from past events:

If you attended the AGREX’17, we are happy to announce we have made the PowerPoint presentations available here.

If you weren't able to attend but are curious to know what was discussed, please feel free to check it out! Many topics were discussed and lots more!

  1. Extension Workers’ Perception of Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction In Agricultural Organization In Iraq
  2. Improving the Growth of Centella Asiatica Using Modified Natural Zeolite
  3. Effectiveness of Baggassorb Absorption
  4. In-Service Training Needs of Agricultural Extension Personnel Associated With Climate Change Adaptation in Malaysia
  5. 5 Ways to Help a Fish Farmer
  6. Patterns of Motivation towards Innovative Online Learning amongst Agricultural Undergraduates
  7. Technology Increase Kenaf Production by Farmers
  8. Agricultural Extension Services for Agriculture Risk Management through ICTS in Malaysia
  9. Slow Release Containing NPK Organo Zeolite on Growth of Morus alba
  10. Livestock Management Information System
  11. University-Farmer Linkages for Smallholder Ruminant Productivity and Graduate Day One Competency
  12. Analysis of Agriculture Extension Officer’s Potentials in Plant Protection for Agriculture Sustainability
  13. Design Metaphor to Improve Interface Usability for Paddy Farmers in Malaysia using User-Centered Approach
  14. Developing Entrepreneurship among Women Opportunities and Constraints
  15. Natural Resource Management with People Participation A Key to Bring Agriculture Development
  16. Knowledge Transfer Strategies and Experiences in Urban Agriculture
  17. Analysis of Factors that Affect the Income of Krupuk Kukut Home Industry in Realizing Agricultural Entrepreneurs in the Field of Agricultural Economics in the Province of Aceh
  18. Contribution towards Entrepreneurship as a Student in the Community
  19. Seeds of Hope Visions of Growth
  20. Extension Model for Broiler Farmers of Partnership System in Malang Regency, East Java Province, Indonesia
  21. An Innovative and Comprehensive Approach for Identification of Adopter Categories
  22. Walking the Tightrope: Perils and Rewards in Delivering Food Security to the Nation
  23. The Role of Farmers Organization Authority (FOA) In Development of Farmers Organization Challenges towards Year 2020
  24. Human Resource Development in Agriculture Extension and Technology Dissemination for Food Security by MADA
  25. Attaining National Food Security and Sustainability through Youth Engagement
  26. Strategic Extension Plan: A Strategic Effort to Ensure Agrofood Supply
  27. Developing Decision Support Tools for Increasing Agricultural Production in Africa
  28. Palm Oil and Food Security: Empowering Change for High Income, Sustainability and Inclusiveness
  29. Well-Being and Enhancing Food Security: Measuring What Matters To Agricultural Communities

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